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Candidate for Master of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering (University of Toronto)

Bachelor of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering (University of Toronto, 2005)

I began my MASc in September 2005 under the supervision of Professor Chris Beck and co-supervision of Professor Danny Frances.

My research interests are in automated timetabling as well as the process involved in solving an optimization problem. My Masters research will focus on the problem definition stage of solving a problem. This is the step where decisions are made about what information to include in the mathematical representation of a problem. I will be using the timetabling problem of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (APSC) at the University of Toronto as an example of a real-world problem. APSC creates conflict-free schedules for 4000 undergraduate students. Their constraints include shared courses across departments, highly constrained laboratories, and several external faculty members with limited availability. This timetabling problem is a good example of a real-world optimization problem. I will use it to test the effect of using different problem definitions when trying to solve the problem.

Contact Information:

Email: shoshanahahnyahoo ca

University of Toronto Mechanical and Information Engineering