Welcome to CP-AI-OR 2006!

The annual CP-AI-OR conferences bring together researchers from AI and OR, to give them the opportunity to show how the integration of techniques from both fields can lead to interesting results on large and complex problems. We explicitly welcome new ideas and methods for integrating OR and AI techniques that have arisen from real-world applications.

CP-AI-OR is intended primarily as a forum to focus on the integration and hybridization of the approaches of CP, AI, and OR technologies. It also provides an opportunity for researchers in one area to learn about techniques in the others. Papers may combine, integrate or contrast approaches from more than one of the areas; high quality papers from a single area are also welcomed, provided that they are of interest to other communities involved.

CP-AI-OR'06 will be preceded by a Master Class where leading researchers give introductory and overview talks. This year, the topic of the Master Class will be "Modelling and Solving for Uncertainty and Change." The Master Class is intended for PhD students, researchers, and practitioners.

Chris Beck & Barbara Smith
Programme chairs

mailto: cpaior (AT) mie.utoronto.ca

Note on ICAPS: CP-AI-OR 2006 has been located and scheduled so that it is convenient to also attend ICAPS-06.

CP-AI-OR 2006 has been kindly sponsored by


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